Runner Questionnaire

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    What are your running goals for the next six months?

    What races have you already registered for and what are the dates?


    Have you participated in any structured training for running (including self-coached)? If so, how long did you do this program?

    What is the highest weekly mileage you have ever done?

    What has been your average weekly mileage for the past four or five weeks?

    Do you cross train? If so, what do you do?


    Have you raced?
    What distances have you raced? Select all that apply.
    SprintsMid Distance (≤1 mile)5K10K10 Mile1/2 MarathonMarathonUltra
    List your Personal Records for each distance you have raced as well as the date (year) that it occurred.

    What type of training or racing have you done in the past few months?

    Have you participated in other sports?
    If so, what sports and at what age?


    Check any injuries that you have sustained from running. you had injuries from running?
    Runner's KneeIT Band SyndromePlantar FasciitisShin SplintsCompartment SyndromeOther
    Are you otherwise healthy?
    What is your height?

    What is your weight?


    What do you know about the following types of terminology: Intervals, economy, anaerobic threshold training, lactate threshold, fartlek, VO2max, LSD, periodization, surges, MP?
    Better than the back of my handA little but I don’t want to admit itNone, but I’m willing to learnEnglish, do you speak it?


    How many days per week are you able/willing to train for your upcoming goal?

    What day do you prefer to do your long run?
    Are there any types of workouts that you are particularly averse to?

    What online services do you use to log your running?

    Do you have more than one pair of running shoes?
    What type of shoes do you have?

    How long do you run in a pair of shoes before replacing them?
    300 miles and they are gone!500 miles or so, depending on how they feel.When they start to look worn out.I've had these bad boys since middle school!