Personalized Perpetual Training

The Personalized Perpetual Training program, or PPT, is the most interactive training plan that I offer. When a runner signs up for PPT, the first step is to fill out a questionnaire that delves into the runner’s background, injury history and previous training. There is also a discussion about the runner’s upcoming race plans, what their running goals are and what their expectations are for the coaching relationship. There is a lot of upfront work that takes place prior to every seeing a training plan.

Once the goals and expectations have been set, personalized training plans are delivered to the runner in two, three or four week blocks, depending upon where the runner is in the training cycle along with other factors like recovery from injuries or hard race efforts. These training plans are customized for each individual runner, with training paces that are challenging, yet appropriate for the runner’s current level of fitness. Training paces are constantly evaluated and reevaluated and adjustments are made to the plans as the runner becomes more fit.

As you can imagine, communication between runner and coach is critical to ensure that  you are getting the right workouts at the right paces at the right time to reach your fullest potential. This is where the Personalized Perpetual Training program differs most significantly from the 12 Week Fixed and 16 Week Fixed programs. You will have multiple ways to contact me to provide feedback and get answers to your questions. Being an IT professional, I am available on almost every communication network available, including Skype, AIM, Google Chat, Facebook and many others. I will also provide you with my cell phone number for text messaging and phone calls.

Although there is no contract with the PPT program, I do ask that you make a personal commitment of 3 months. At only $40 per month (annual discount available), the price is competitive with the Fixed programs, but you are getting so much more personal attention. Progress in running is not something that happens overnight. There are no “Get Fast Quick” plans or a magic pill. It just takes hard work, dedication and the right workouts to make the most of your own potential.

To discuss a PPT program with me, please fill out the Contact Me form and I’ll be in touch with you right away.