12 Week Fixed

The 12 Week Fixed training plan is not an “off the shelf” training plan like you find at some other coaching websites.┬áThis plan consists of 12 weeks of workouts that are specifically designed with the athlete’s current abilities and goal, usually a race, in mind.

After deciding on the 12 Week Fixed training plan, I will discuss with you what your goal for the plan is. I will also find out what your current training has been and what paces you are running for workouts and races.

Once the information gathering stage is complete, I will provide you with the full 12 Week Fixed training plan all at once. Then all you have to do is execute the plan. You will be responsible for adjusting paces up or down as things change. Unlike the Personalized Perpetual Training, there is no ongoing feedback and communication with this plan. This entry level plan is offered at a cost of $80 for the entire plan.

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