My name is Carson and I run. I used to run for performance and was competitive in local and regional races. I also provided coaching services for runners of all ages, genders and abilities. In 2016 everything changed. After moving to California, learning to surf and taking four years off from running, I was back up in weight again. A move back east rekindled my love for running, but now, I just run. It’s mostly easy running on the trails for me now, for today anyway.

I was always athletic in high school, but like many of us, I forgot all about that as the years wore on. Fast forward to 2003. I was disgusted with my appearance, having gained a ton of weight and was in the unhealthy range. I decided that, in addition to changing the way I ate, that I would start running to help with the weight loss. That’s where my journey started.

Now it’s 2016. I have lost over 50 pounds, and that’s significant on this 5’4″ frame, logged well over 15,000 running miles on the road and trails, and have run 5 marathons, qualifying for Boston in the last 3, with a PR of 3:10 achieved at 45 years old.

During this journey, I have consumed reading materials from Jack Daniels, Greg McMillan, Tim Noakes, Pete Pfitzinger, Arthur Lydiard and countless others in both traditional press and online.  I continue to run high mileage with the goal of creating new PRs along the way. I’d love to help you do the same.